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Personal Styling at home

Nordic Grey at home 

Hello! Welcome to our very first blog post here from The Shetland Tannery LTD

Our first instalment to our blog is an introduction to Stephanie, my identical twin sister.

She joined me full time on my venture at the start of the year. We had a chat about working together and here’s what she had to say.

‘Hi, I’m Stephanie. 

I’d like to say I’m the Creative Director of the Tannery, but my role covers many tasks that I oversee on a daily basis so sadly it’s not all making our products pretty (as much as I’d hoped it be!).

I took the plunge and quit my secure job at the end of last year and came to work with Nat full-time since. It was a scary thought but working with my twin on a daily basis whilst having the time to bond with my twin daughters at home is the best experience (although very tiring!)

Since working with the Tannery I’ve found that communication is the key to everything. Especially as Natalie runs the workshop from Shetland and I oversee things from Edinburgh. We pretty much email and Skype every day.
I find my job very busy but extremely rewarding. I can be writing out customer emails one day having coffee at home and the next overseeing stock, making presentations and mood boards for future projects. Everyday is very different. You need to be great at time management and planning very well in advance.  I’ve learnt new skills on a weekly basis and find that I’m still learning along the way.

As Nat has given me a lot of freedom in my role I’ve found it’s really boosted my confidence and has made me more aware of my abilities.

The best thing about working for Shetland Tannery is knowing that the products we create are of a secondary resource. We’re both passionate about history and heritage and it’s a special feeling knowing that we’re contributing towards the craft industry in Shetland.”


Stephanie is pictured at home with her favourite item from Shetland Tannery. Stephanie enjoys fashion illustrations in her spare time and loves to style her Nordic Grey by artfully placing this on her rocking chair.