The Shetland Tannery ltd. is a family run business by identical twin sisters that prides itself in providing the best quality sheepskins and Shetland lifestyle products.

The Shetland Tannery ltd. was founded and created by Natalie Cairns-Ratter in 2012 and is run by her twin sister, Stephanie Cairns.

Natalie Cairns-Ratter

Resides in Shetland, qualified in tanning and leatherwork. Currently studying her degree in Classical music specialising in Violin.

Stephanie Cairns

Resides in Edinburgh, holds a sculpture degree (University of Edinburgh 2010), previous experience in online retail and currently makes fashion illustrations in her part time.

Our Shetland sheepskins are all sourced, selected and acquired from Shetland. Some sheepskins can have a bloodline dating back 100 years. 


Our process


Every sheepskin we work with at Shetland Tannery is sourced as a by-product from the meat industry.

All of our sheepskins undergo the process of tanning, precisely and skilfully done within the UK. We work with another British tannery so we can provide our beautiful Shetland sheepskins all year round. Once tanned our sheepskins are hand-finished up to luxury standards.

We're proud to offer all products that represent our business ethos.

The select few products that are created off site have been sourced and constructed to the highest quality which are all hand finished within our workshop in Shetland.